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Wake up and dance, dance to the beat of the drama.   
11:15pm 05/12/2005
mood: pleased
It's the last week of classes and I'm feeling good about it. I can't wait till i'm done worrying about school even if it is for just a couple weeks.

This weekend was laid back, Sat. i worked till 530 then me sam george and steve went to overly to see the lights, it was okay but then on the way back we got soo lost. Sam had to call her b/f and he had to help us get home.

Sunday the wash opened late and we didn't do any cars so me and steve closed and went to my house to watch the game. It was a bad loss but the steelers will pull it out and have a good rest of the season.

Today i towel-dryed all day which was beat b/c i made no money. I have lots of classes tomorrow which will blow.


20 days till Xmas

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I'm burning the thoughts of the things that I once said   
11:08am 01/12/2005
mood: thirsty
This is my second update in a couple days which is pretty good for me. The other update is a little harsh so you won't see it unless you're my LJ friend. I can't believe it's December!!

TGIT that's my new motto for thursdays. I just finished my second to last week of real school before finals, which i'm dreading. I have a couple papers to write, a couple quizzes to study for and then the whole studying for finals thing to do. I like to think that i might start some of this work this weekend but i know i won't.

Steve came down yesterday for our weekly card games, it was fun. His car's totaled so he's thinking about buying a jeep which would be sweet. It sucks he just got the scion and now it's dead.

Last night me and the roomies went to bootleggers to see some karaoke. I ended up seeing some people from my holocaust group which was cool. Me Mel and Mich sang bon jovi living on a prayer which was comical to say the least. It was a good drama-free night which was what i needed.

I have to work friday night and all day sunday so i'm hoping for some snow or rain. Also the punchline/halifax show is tomorrow night and i wanna go, now i just need to find someone to accompany me.


24 days till Xmas

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So long sweet summer...   
11:29am 15/09/2005
mood: content
It's been a while since I even thought about updating this thing. A lot of stuff happened in the past couple months some of it good and some not so good. Overall the summer was fun, I got to road trip it down to Florida with Steve and Rich which was the highlight of the summer.

Me and Lo started hanging out with Sma again which is cool b/c there was a period of two years where we weren't really friends. I think I'm corrupting her but everyone needs a little corruption in their life :) Me, jc, keyser and reilly made a movie which is gangsta and if you havent seen it, you're missing out.

I'm back at Pitt now in a new apartment which is ghetto fabulous. I have two new roomates and they're both ridiculously awesome. My classes are going well and I'm trying to actually go to class this semester.

Well I don't have anything else to say, I'm gonna update pretty regularly once i get my new computer.

Until then, PEACE

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I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear, cause that's just who I am this week.   
03:30pm 14/06/2005
mood: bouncy
I haven't updated in a while partyly because I've been busy and my computer has been being very uncooperative lately. Well school is out and the first month and a half of summer has gone fast. I haven't been doing much besides work and chilling.

Some exciting things that have happened:
I got taken down to the police station and almost arrested for "receiving stolen property"
Gruber's grad. party was ridiculous, flip cup with the Goobers, fun times.
Dave Matthews Band concert, getting wasted and dancing around.
Visting c-money in the hospital and smoking a blunt in the hospital parking lot.
Poker till 4:30am.

Well a lot of other stuff happened but i don't feel like taking the time to type it out.
I'm gonna try and update more regularly. Less than a month till I get to spend a week in Fla. wooh

Well that's all for now...PEACE

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I've been waiting for answers, dancing in circles, making me sick.   
12:42am 25/04/2005
mood: silly
Well since my last entry, citations and underages have been mailed. Thank god no one mentioned my name or else I'd be getting the same thing as steve which is a $400 disorderly conduct fine. The weather was really nice last week and it even got into the 80s but this weekend brought on temps in the 30s and a lot of snow. I'm pretty sure it's almost May and it shouldn't be snowing.

School's out for summer!! Well classes are over, and I have one paper and three tests to go before i'm really free. I have to find some time in this week to move my stuff out of my room. Jen's friend Kelly is subletting it and that means i get to leave all my furniture which would be a bitch to move. I move into my new place in August and i'm counting down the days.

Friday night was pong at Steve's and even gruber and most of the band came over along with reilly alan and freddo. Last night was interesting b/c it started out as me sandy steve gobo jeff and richard getting stoned and going to romp n roll. We were like the only white people in there. It was fun b/c i hadn't been there in like 6 years. After i got back home gruber called me and said he was going to bens, so i went over there. Me gruber and beans left to go pick something up and we stopped at his house. We ended up taking some shots and smoking some bowls it was fun. We then went back to ben's and smoked a blunt and two j's until pat caught us and ben prob. got the shit beat out of him today.

No work for the past two days which is nice but it also means no money. The weather better get nicer b4 everyone leaves to go home. I'm def. going to miss everyone down at Pitt which is why i can't wait for next year, living with michelle and melissa will be a trip and i can't wait.

Well that's all for now...PEACE

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I'm a fugitive.   
10:40pm 10/04/2005
mood: tired
Last night was one of the craziest times of my life. The day started out normal enough. In the afternoon me steve and mason decided we should go up the farm and have a bonfire b/c it was so nice outside. So around 7 we go pick up like 3 cases and then me sandy and steve go up. We got some wood out and mason came up. We got the fire going and then gobo, jeff and big back got there with erika bill and this girl erin. So we're all just drinking and talking and we realized we didn't have much wood left. So sandy steve jeff and joey go to get some firewood from down the street. A couple friends of erika came up and they were cool. We didn't have a radio so we had the car stereos on and apparently this was a big mistake. We went on like 3 more wood runs and it was sweet b/c we went off this hill going so fast we got mad air.

Around midnight the fire started dying down and steve said we should leave. I go to pee behind the one shed and i'm coming back around so we could leave and i see bill and erin running and i'm like what's going on, and they said the cops had come. So we bolt down the hill which is really steep and go down to the creek. It is pitch black and it was just the three of us but then we saw a light, it was steve's cell phone. So I met up with him and we went one way and the other two went a different way. We start walking up this huge ass hill all the while we're wet and covered in mud. We start going straight and then we hit a barbed wire fence, so we had to go over that. We crossed 3 creeks and another fence. Sandy had called steve like 30 times b/c she was left up at the farm. The cops were giving everyone underages and calling everyone's parents.

We then decided to call steve's mom and she says she's on her way up to pick up joey. So she said she'd call us when they left the farm and they'd come get us. So we keep hiking up this huge hill into someone's yard by a road. We sit under a pine tree for the next hour and a half and it's freezing cold. Finally debbie picks us up and we drive home, she tells us about how mason was breathalyzed and blew a .16 and he had to leave his car up there. She also said the cops had infared lights to see if there were people in the woods but they didn't see anyone. Apparently they came because they heard the music from far away. If only we had been quiet we would've been cool. Two bowls and a bong got taken outta the truck, which sucks for gobo. Also if we had gone back the farm we would've been arrested for fleeing. I got home and was covered in mud and had cuts and splinters all over my hands. It sucks for everyone that got caught but i am soo glad that i got away.

I had to work today at 8:30am and got like no sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow which i'm not looking forward to.


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The answer's always waiting at the liquor store, 40 oz to freedom, so I'll take that walk.   
11:33pm 29/03/2005
mood: cheerful
Woooh, Sunday was the big 21. The week before was the most alcholic one i've had in a while. I was drunk every night of the week. Thursday we were supposed to play poker but it didn't happen, so me and jen went over adam's friends apartment. It was fun, after that me and melissa went over to welsford for some beer pong. I sucked at beer pong but it was still cool, and apparently i'm tan.

Friday i went to get my eyebrows waxed and then i dyed gruber and beans' hair. We decided we wanted to drink or something so we went over collins and smoked and kelly came over. Me beans kelly and gruber drove around and we were in laurel gardens and saw shawn so we said some shit to him and he got super pissed. He like pulled out a knife which we thought was a gun. We dropped my car off and gruber drove down to oakland and i got a call from my dad. Apparently shawn called the police on us and they were at my house, i had to talk to the cop on the phone and he pretty much just said to stay away from the piece of shit and he'd stay away from me. We played some pong at the apartment and reilly bizzo freddo and alan came down with a case. Freddo was wasted and it was funny. After oakland we went over to eddie's which was cool.

Saturday me and lex had to work b/c casie was taking her drivers test, which she passed :) After work i had to hang out at home for some family stuff, then i went over collins and me george and him went over eddies. We smoked some bowls with mike and someone went and got some 40s. Even collins was pounding a 40 which is a once and a lifetime occasion.

Sunday was a low key day, usual easter stuff. I have yet to buy alcohol legally and i'm excited. Steve's back from florida wooh! No class till 6 tomorrow which means i get to sleep in more than usual.

Well that's all for now...PEACE

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We took this trip to garden grove...   
11:35pm 22/03/2005
mood: worried
Getting wasted on a monday is pretty nice. I got to schedule my classes and even though i was late, i got almost everything i wanted. Steve came and picked me up and we got a case of natty ice. We met his mom for dinner and then dropped her and gobo off at bowling. Then beer pong began, it was me steve melissa kevin and alan. Despite the fact that we had only one case and only five people it was pretty fun. I left pretty trashed.

Today i realized i have an econ test tomorrow that im not ready for. FUCK well hopefully i'll be able to pull off at least a C. I worked for lex at the wash and it was just me mark and jamie, which was cool.

5 days till my bday! My goal is to be wasted all of this weekend, i hope i can accomplish it.

Well that's all for now...PEACE

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Best friends means I pulled the trigger, best friends means you get what you deserve.   
12:39am 21/03/2005
mood: hopeful
It is now less than a week till my b-day and im excited. It's on easter which means me and jesus are getting wasted together. The fam. is coming in for a bday/easter get together which should prove interesting. Steve is going to florida tues. and not coming back till the 29th which sucks!

Last thursday there was some drama between ross and tyler. Seems there can't be a night of drinking here without something going wrong. Also i'm done buying alcohol for everyone to drink and not pay me for...fuck that.

Friday i got to towel dry all day and i made like 90 bucks so it was good. I worked with mason and he was being funny. We decided we were getting a bottle of jager and doing jager bombs that night. We had planned on going down Pitt, but then we decided to go to erika gary's house. Big back and phil schipani came and picked me up. Phil was talking about how much he hates danny and wants to hurt him. We killed the bottle of jager within 15mins of being at her house so i was pretty drunk and so was mason. Mason like passed out on erika's bed and it took me and rob an hour to get him to the truck. It was a fun night.

Saturday was a party at eddie's. George took whiskey from his grandma so we drank that. There were mad people there and i didn't know a lot of them. Kelly and katie and gruber and oleg were there and i hadn't seen them all in a long time, so it was cool. We shoved 8 people in gruber's car to go home and then i got to drive george all the way to wexford which sucked.

Today i didn't have to work b/c it rained, i was enthused. Me and steve drove out to the farm and smoked a fat blunt. I'm now trying to decided what classes i want to take next semester. My options are limited b/c i've waited till the last minute, and i prob. wont get what i want.

Well that's all for now...PEACE

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Maybe I leapt to the sea, or maybe these handprints on my back tell a different story.   
01:51am 08/03/2005
mood: sick
It's now March which means birthday month at the Gruber house and also spring break. I'm on break now till the 13th which is nice but not terribly interesting. Jen's in florida now and i'm jealous. The crazy weather here has led to the car wash being busy. I got to towel dry sunday and made like $90 which i really needed.

Two weeks ago lexi managed to wreck the subaru. It was pretty sad seeing our car smashed up and knowing we'd never get to drive it again. Everyone was sad to see it go, so many memories in that car. Hopefully we'll be getting a car to replace it, we're looking at honda civics.The parents just got a new car, a Honda CRV, it's silver and really nice.

The lexinator is having a b-day celebration on friday (her birthday is thursday the 10th). It should be pretty sweet b/c everyone will be together like the old days. I haven't hung out with the band and them for a while. I have a feeling gruber is mad at me for some reason which pisses me off. All the shit he's done to me and i let it go, but whatever.

My life is out of control right now. Things are just different and there's part of me that just doesn't want to deal with it and would rather just escape. There's stuff that i just don't think about and in a way it makes it go away. There are a lot of things i wish i could change about myself right now but can't bring myself to do. I'm not the person i was and i'm not the person i'd like to be. I'm sick of dealing with drama and being around fake people who pretend to care about you but it's just so they have someone who will listen to all their problems. I'm tired of being nice when i just wanna scream.

Well that's all for now...PEACE

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I'm gonna forge a new name, the past is behind me, please don't remind me.   
01:48pm 14/02/2005
mood: loved
It's Valentines Day, and to celebrate i'm updating my journal!! wooh It is now february which means only a couple more weeks till spring break. My classes have been pretty boring so i try to skip them as much as possible. Me melissa and michelle signed the lease for our apartment for next year!! wooh, i'm soo excited.

The past couple weekends have been crazy. Getting wasted on thursdays down at school. Last thurs tyler and mason came down with kevin reilly, big back and some other kids. It was funny and even though melissa had a sprained ankle she toughed it out and we won many a game at beer pong. Last saturday involved high quantities of robotussin and no i wasn't sick.

February 8th was the band's last show with oleg. It was an awesome show b/c they played with treos and I love treos x100. The other bands were really good too and me and eddie made up and we're friends now. Ben and gruber have decided to quit smoking. I think they'll be able to pull it off.

Me keyser and carroll went over george's sat. night which was funny. There were like 15 people there getting wasted even though there was nothing in his house and there was only electricity in the kitchen. Kyle and cody were there it was like a car wash reunion.

Yesterday me and steve drove out to monroeville mall, we walked around and then decided to go back to ross park and go to build a bear so he could make one for sandy. It was funny b/c they made him help stuff it and pick out clothes for it.

I was soo beat last night, i went to take a nap at like 7pm and didn't wake up until like 11:30 this morning. That's 16 hours of sleep!! I didn't think that was humanly possible. Now it's monday and i'm one of the few who's lucky enough to not have classes on mondays. Lexi talked me into driving her to CCAC earlier and coming in with her to look for this JC look alike. We spotted him going into the mens bathroom and then we walked around. I saw jesse and erin and erin waved, which is weird b/c i haven't talked to her in about 3 years.

41 days till my 21st b-day, which happens to fall on Easter. Well that's all for now...PEACE

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taking steps back through the words i should've said to you   
04:28pm 26/01/2005
mood: mellow
Haven't updated in a couple weeks. Not too much going on. Steelers lost on Sunday, it was very sad. Hopefully next year we will kill New England, but for now i'm hoping the eagles take them down on superbowl sunday.

Work has been good, i need more hours though. My paycheck was only 3 bucks this week b/c of some new city tax. Been chilling with Steve a lot, he always calls me really early on saturday and we drive around. Last saturday there was a snowstorm and there was like 3 inches of snow on the road. The night before keyser and danny had slept over so saturday i asked steve if he could take them home b/c i knew my mom wouldn't let me drive. We drop keyser off with no problem but then we get to dannys and he lives in between two hills. Steve's car SUCKS in the snow, so we end up getting stuck b/c we can't get up either hill. We call danny and he walks down and we smoke a bowl and try and snow tube. Then steve borrows dannys shovel and finally we get up the one hill after like an hour.

The new bright eyes cds came out yesterday, as soon as i get some money i'll def. have to invest in those. I heard they were really excellent.

TREOS/Davenport/Coat of Arms show is on Feb.8th. I can't wait, TREOS is awesome and i know davenport and coat of arms will rock.

I played some beer pong last night at oakwood. It was quite interesting seeing how they set it up b/c their apartment isn't very big. It was still really fun and i got pretty drunk. I'm proud though b/c i came home and finished my philosophy paper due tomorrow :)

Well that's all for now...PEACE

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reasons like seasons they constantly change   
12:39am 10/01/2005
mood: awake
It's a new year, so it's time to update. For new years eve we all went over bens and we were supposed to go out to a party in robinson, but it ended up not working out so we went over eddies. I was pretty wasted off of vodka, and then we got really stoned. We had our first bowl of the new year right at midnight which was cool.

The rest of break was chill. I hung out with steve which involved movies and smoking. I started classes on the 5th and so far my classes seem like they're going to blow. The only redeeming factor is that i don't have monday or friday classes. I've gotta go up to thackeray tomorrow to change my schedule.

Friday me and jen had planned a party, so all day we ran errands. We got a keg of pabst and 3 bottles of liquor. We also had to get rid of the xmas tree, which was a task. There were needles everywhere. That night we got everything ready and around 9:45 i went home so i could pick up some people that wanted to come down to oakland. This took super long b/c we had to pick up bud so i didn't get down to my apartment till around 11. A lot of people i had invited were already there. Mason and tyler came down like they always do, danny came with remo and joe benoit. steve and megan came down, lex came with her b/f and her two friends. I brought kurt keyser sayers and caroll. When i got there, there were mad people there. It was a task just to get to the kitchen and get a beer. All my friends were pretty much hanging out in my room, so we smoked a couple bowls and i did some shots. Then danny and caroll come in and say that my car is getting towed. So i go out and sure enough my car was getting towed, and they said it was gonna be $125. So that ruined my night, i was so pissed. After that i really couldnt enjoy the party, and then the keg was tapped, so i wasnt drunk enough to forget about it. Tyler got in a fight with a girl that was there which was pretty funny. I thought they were gonna brawl. Later that night most of my friends had left and just mason and tyler were there and then a group of jen's friends. They were hanging out in jen's room so me and mason take all the glass bottles that are laying around and broke them on the sidewalk outside my building. It felt good to release some of the anger i was feeling. After that tyler gave me a ride home and i crashed at like 4 and left my mom a note about the car being towed.

Saturday morning my mom woke me up around 9 b/c she was pissed. So i called and found out where my car was and then persuaded gruber to drive me out to get it near sandcastle. I got my car and headed over to bens b/c they had a show that night. They practiced for a little bit then we loaded up all the equipment and dropped it off at smalls. Steve picked me up at smalls and we smoked a couple bowls then i went and picked up ellis carroll and rostek. We got a 35 sack and headed to the show. The one band that played b4 them was awesome, but Davenport had some technical issues and it was not one of their best shows. After the show we headed over to eddies. There were weird girls there so dave like locked them in the one room in the basement. A lot of people ended up going there and cothey and galioto were fighting and he put two holes in the wall. I left early because i had to work the next day.

Sunday i worked from 8:30 to noon. We weren't that busy which was sweet. After work i slept for like 6 hours. Then ate dinner and headed back to school. No class tomorrow woooh.

Well that's all for now...PEACE

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i'm losing all control, just let me be alone for now...i want to be alone tonight.   
02:18am 30/12/2004
mood: sleepy
Haven't updated in a while. Winter break has been good. I got my grades the other day and the lowest grade i got was a B with a term qpa of 3.6 which is superb for me at least. The gruber side of the family came in for the holidays.

Dec. 23rd was my dad's birthday, so everyone went out to eat at carmodys. My whole family was wasted, it was pretty funny. I had to work christmas eve which sucked b/c we were really busy. Lexi was supposed to work with me, but she was having chest pains (bullshit) so my mom made her stay home.

Christmas was good, we opened gifts in the morning and i got a digital camera, an iTrip and a lot of other stuff. Lex got a mini Ipod. Christmas night i got a call from gruber saying we had to continue the tradition. Last xmas we all went over collins' moms apartment and drank and it was really fun. So this year we had to keep the tradition going, so me collins gruber kelly katie oleg dave ellis beans ben all went over there and it was mrs. c's b-day so she had jello shots. So we downed a whole plate of jello shots and we ate some vodka soaked cherries. Mrs. c was being soo funny, she was like calling beans beanie baby and saying how much she wanted to adopt me kelly and katie. After that we got some bud and headed over to eddie's. We hung out over there for a while then i took a couple of people home and went home and crashed. It was a crazy christmas!

That sunday me and lex both had to work, so we go in and we get one car and then it starts snowing really hard. So me casie lex and al are just talking in the back and then we convinced mark to close. I slept the rest of the day and missed the steeler game, but they won so it was cool.

This week has been pretty routine. I wake up in the afternoon, get dressed and usually smoke and just chill. I'm not sure what i'm doing for new years eve, i wanna get wasted no matter what i do. I think i'm going to west virginia sometime this week to go shopping, it should be fun.

Well that's all for now...PEACE

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I was feeling fine, you'll be coming clean tonight, and i'll be falling down with you once again.   
12:19am 21/12/2004
mood: high
Haven't updated in awhile. Last thursday i had my last two finals, it was such a relief to finally get them over with. After i came back from them me and jen decided to have people over. So tyler and mason decided to come down with ryan donovan. Kyle michelle melissa adam and nicole all came over too. We played many games of beer pong, which tyler and mason (the edge and bono) won like 9 in a row. We were all pretty trashed, so tyler and mason leave and jen sees this guy she knows from calc. And he ends up being friends with the boys next door. So he's like, you guys wanna go over, and we're like yaaaaa. So we go over there and meet a lot of the people there. They were all really nice, i played a game of beer pong on their table with melissa. I kicked so much ass. After we came home jen was a little sick, but i ended up cleaning up all the mess which was sweet.

Friday lex picked me up, i had to work 4-7 and we were busy. After work i drove around with collins and george.

Saturday me and lex had to go down to greensburg for a family thing. It was okay b/c we got to drive there instead of riding with the parents. After coming home from gburg i went over to beans for a little and then over to bens.

Sunday i ended up not having to work. So me and steve hung out for a while then i went over bens, then after work me and steve rented elf. It was really funny.

Today i woke up around noon which is earlier then i usually wake up. Me and lex went to tgi fridays with danimal then i dropped lex off and picked up beans ellis and keyser and we smoked. After i dropped them off steve picked me up and we went to his house and chilled.

Well i dont have school to jan. which is the shit, that's all for now...PEACE

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Today seems like a good day to burn a bridge or two...   
01:34am 16/12/2004
mood: calm
Hmm let's recap the last week or so. Saturday me jen amber george and collins went to get a christmas tree. We ended up driving really far away to get it. We put it up in the stand and its up for a while but then ends up falling over. So brandon comes over and attaches it to the wall and saws off the bottom so it's flat. Saturday night i ended up driving around with beans ellis and eventually keyser. After i drop everyone but keyser off, we head over to grubers house b/c he needs to take pics of josh for his article for the paper. It was hilarious!

Sunday me and lex got the tickets to the steeler game. So we leave at like 2:00pm and go down and we bundle up in like 5 layers b/c it's freezing. We get in and go find michael b/c he's working at a beer stand, so he sells us beer, which was awesome but expensive. The steelers ended up pulling out a victory making their record 12-1 which is superb.

Monday i had to drive back to oakland for a final at 6. I didn't study that much but think i did pretty well on it. After my final i stuck around and stayed the night. Me and jen watched battle of the sexes then played like 3hours of super mario 3 for nintendo, it was intense.

Tuesday i came back in the afternoon, and i was supposed to work but the wash was closed. At around 630 i picked up josh and we got some bud off of bizzo. We drove around for like an hour and just blazed, we were both so stoned.

Today i woke up around 330 in the afternoon which is ridiculous. I picked up carroll and kurt and drove them to pick up bud, and we were on our way back from picking it up and we see gabe, so he hops in and we all smoke a bowl, it was so random. After that me and lex went out to ccac b/c she had to drop something off and after i dropped her off i went over steve's. Me and steve go over to bizzo's and pick up some stuff and just drive around it was nuts. I miss hanging out with steve like old times, things are so different now.

I have two finals tomorrow, but they should be pretty straight forward so i'm not gonna study that much. Im planning on getting pretty drunk tomorrow night, should be fun. Well that's all for now...PEACE

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Even if we did nothing...its everything, and everything's alright.   
02:43am 10/12/2004
mood: drunk
Ya so i'm realllllyyy wasted. It's goood stuff. Tonight was fun, i had my last day of classes today, i had two tests which i think i did superb on. After class i came home, watched the o.c. and then we started playing beer pong.

mason and tyler came down, amd melissa nicole michelle kyle adam tony brendan craig kevin ross dan and some girls came down. It was a good night, we ended up killing like 3 cases of american, and some margaritas tyler and mason made. tyler and mason were undefeated for like 14 games, it was ridiculous and finally michelle and nicole took them down!!

i have to work tomorrow from 4-7 but it has to rain, which is good.

well that's all for now...PEACE

p.s. i got a kiss on the cheek from dan!!!! woooh

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I'm walking down the line that divides me somewhere in my mind.   
02:35am 05/12/2004
mood: high
This week was a blow off week. My classes were easy and after i finished my paper i had nothing else to do. Wednesday night i got to go to the pitt basketball game which was awesome. After the game we drank a little bit which was fun.

Thursday i had a piano test and that went well. Thursday night me michelle melissa and kyle headed over to ross' place to play beer pong. Kyle was already super drunk and he was in a pissy mood. We played for a while, then kyle left. A little later after some nick gas, michelle left. We played some more beer pong and me and melissa were both wasted. Melissa got a sweet dog t-shirt. Dan was trying to get with melissa and he was putting the moves on her. It got to be like 5am and so melissa and i just decided to stay there. She slept in dan's bed and i got the chair in the living room which was uber uncomfortable but i was too drunk to care. We woke up around 10am and went home. I slept some more then lex came and got me.

Friday i had to work 4-7 but we closed early. After work i went over ben's and smoked.

Saturday i went over ben's and they practiced. After practice i drove eddie ben george and collins, in collins car, to the outback in robinson so he could meet with all these other bands about starting a local group of bands. The meeting was awesome. Collins dubbed it the "Punk Rock U.N." There were about 17 guys there from 5 diff. bands and they were all super interested in starting some kind of group. Eddie named the group "The Family" and it's pretty much gonna be a group of all the local bands in pgh, and they help each other get shows and stay connected and stuff. If it works out it'll be sweet. After that we went over eddie's and smoked some more.

I have to work tomorrow, maybe it'll rain. Steve just drunken phone-called me and it was funny, i <3 him.

Well that's all for now...PEACE

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you'll find me at the end of my rope, hanging on your every word.   
02:07am 30/11/2004
mood: sick
Well i haven't updated in over a week. Last week was thanksgiving break, which was awesome b/c it meant no class for a while. Tuesday i had to go to the magistrate for the whole brick through the car window. The judge realized how big of a bullshitter shawn was and told him he had to pay for the window ($1000) in 30 days or he might go to jail. I would be soooo happy if he went to jail, especially if he got ass raped. He is a piece of shit and i hope he dies.

Thanksgiving was good, we hung out with danimal over break, which was cool. We emo-fied him. Some of the Grubers came in for thanksgiving, they got really wasted, it was pretty funny. Also i noticed someone ordered "pornucopia" on the ondemand on the tv, which is disturbing.

I'm back at school this week and i'm sick which isn't good. But on a positive note i finished my terrorism paper :)

Well that's all for now...PEACE

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...and i say hello to wasted hours and bottoms up to better days.   
03:57pm 19/11/2004
mood: anxious
Wasted wednesday started off like any other normal wednesday. I didn't have class so i rolled outta bed around 3 in the afternoon. Wed. night i went and watched kyle's soccer game, which they won, after that i came home and me and jen decided to play some beer pong with the 5 yuenglings we had left in the fridge. We played something like 8 games and i won 1, which is pathetic. Jen was team BOSOX and i was team OYE. After that we called kyle and him and michelle came over and we got a case of pabst. We played some more beer pong and then brandon brought kevin craig and brendan over. It was fun stuff, we killed the whole case of pabst. We also decided that we weren't gonna get up to go to piano on thurs.

Thursday, i didn't go to any of my day classes, so i didn't end up getting up till like 230pm. I went to my night class and we got out at like 720, after that i headed over to oakwood and we went up and watched kyle's soccer game, which they won, which means they're in the championships!! wooh wooh After the game we headed over to my apartment and me and kyle went and got a case of coors light. It was me melissa michelle nicole and kyle, then ross and kevin came over. We played some beer pong and i sucked horribly. Jen brought a couple of her fellow frat initiates over and they played some games. Later into the night brendan kevin craig and munch came over. I hadn't seen munch since like feb, it was weird lol. We ended up sending nicole to get another case. Some people left, and we needed another case so munch went out and got a 30 pk of classic ice or something. After that the night was winding down and we just talked in the living room, then munch and brendan took off. I cleaned up the mess b/c i was still really awake and jen was passed out, then i headed to bed.

This morning steve picked me up b/c lex was at grove city shopping and now i'm at home looking for something to do. Well that's all for now...PEACE

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